Maine. And Mainely Justice

Great. So LL Bean has a major board member who is pro Trumperdink. And people are talking boycott. Please, if you are reading this, STOP and consider something.--Because I'm frankly concerned that even today, Maine is just not something a lot of people understand, and I would like to talk about the difference between ethical …

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A political dictionary for 2017

Responsible Conservative: See entry:"Extinction" Liberal: anyone who believes that we do not have the right to control the healthcare, marriage, family life or civil rights or in fact the ability to exist in any other living individual. Actual Liberal: Someone willing to fight until the bar gets higher. Politician--one most likely useless person Eyesore: One Politician …

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Where I come from: part one

I'd like to make a confession. I originally posted this on Facebook because I could no longer contain myself to the few Trumperdink/Pusillanimous Malfeasant voters I know* and because if I want to fight the weaponized over-use of "politically correct" by the Right to vilify common decency, I'd damned well better be honest about my …

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