Why Sparrows, why spoons?

I didn’t know about the ‘spoon’ metaphor for mental/psychological health,gumption whatever until this year. That isn’t because I don’t need it; it’s because I predate it. While ADD and OCD are not autism they are, it is now suspected, cousins and not terribly distant relations either. Now since I have both of these, there are, indeed, days when if I called mental/physical/psychological resources “spoons” I would be looking at an empty drawer and all the ones in the sink would be covered with yogurt. OLD yogurt. For those unfamiliar with Spoonies and our terminology this is NOT, I repeat bloody-well NOT the same as “I can’t be arsed to care” or “I’m rebelling/declaring myself entitled not to care.” What it IS: a specific metaphor for how many bars we have on our battery, a shorthand employed by a very VERY neuro-diverse community. Telling me I need to just “smile more” or “it’s all in my head” will not. End. Well. SURE it’s all in my head. Y’know what else is in my head? How to enter your name on the “bravely battling Herpes” recovery site (no it’s not real. yet. give me time…) My ADD and OCD don’t define me and they do not give me an excuse for douchebaggery and they are not my ticket out of obligations to remain disguised as a decent human person. Here is a link about Spoonies: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spoon_theory

However, some of my greatest strengths come from that same ADD. From a brain that goes NOT abc but A….G…W…reminds me of Westerly RI, which reminds me of a blog post about the Tower Ravens of London…Q…B…Humpback Whale migratory routes…L…Jane Austen–you get the idea. Not having a very linear thought process, among other things, means I don’t just think outside the box; nobody ever gave me a key to the door of the damned box and I discovered that I liked it out here better. That doesn’t make the box bad and it doesn’t make me in anyway more right than the folks inside the box it simply is. Oops.

Sparrows…I’m an unaffiliated Druid. I try to learn from the reality of nature as well as the mystical. So while one of those purple-crystal-Sedona Az-vomited-in-here blogs may talk about the inspiring nature of the sparrow, how it symbolizes the elbow chakra and ethereal Faery energy* I tend to value the bird for other things. They are small, plump, not the prettiest bird on the lawn, absolutely ruthless and more tenacious than a Preacher defending their yearly income at budget meeting. They never fail to renew my heart and lift my spirits. They are inconvenient, immovable and while they poop in technicolor if they’ve eaten choke cherries all over my car, they will do the same to the WASPy millionairess driving a polished Lexus SUV in the wealthiest part of town. What’s not to love? Is everyone offended yet? No? Oh dear. Well I am quite tired this evening.


  • Not saying that to be disrespectful to the People of Peace/Good Folk. Also, dammit, now that I think about it, Sparrows are PERFECT metaphors for many elements of the Kind People. (Yes I’m talking about Faeries. you go be rude to them on your own time; send us all a postcard and let us know how it worked out for you)

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