A political dictionary for 2017

Responsible Conservative: See entry:”Extinction”

Liberal: anyone who believes that we do not have the right to control the healthcare, marriage, family life or civil rights or in fact the ability to exist in any other living individual.

Actual Liberal: Someone willing to fight until the bar gets higher.

Politician–one most likely useless person

Eyesore: One Politician

Nuisance: Two politicians

Plague: Three politicians working in alliance

Congress: four or more allied politicians. (Loosely paraphrased from the musical 1776/Screenplay by Peter Stone)

Pusillanimous Malfeasant: {post inauguration day 2017 only}: Adj/Noun/Proper Name. Donald Trump. Synonyms: Trumperdink, Fuckface VonClownstick (Jon Stewart), the irradiated hemorrhoid.

Pennywise/Penny-Wise/Penny Wise: {post swearing-in 2017 only}: An extremely pale skinned ghoul who hates everything wise, beautiful pure or compassionate in existence and is willing to suck it dry of vital life force. In brief: Mike Pence.

Nefarious Floozies: All current serving Republican, Teabagging, GOP officials of state or Federal Government. (because how often do we get to say either ‘nefarious’ or ‘floozies?)

Hillarion, Shrine of: not a physical location, rather the ongoing nomadic worship of former Secretary of State HRC and the hope (Publicly) of all wealthy liberal WASP voters for salvation from BOTH Trump and (secretly) that nasty commie Jew who kept showing them all up.See also: Proof that antisemitism and classist snobbery are alive and well in the USA.

Bernie (Sanders): Proper Name. Senator.  A real Mensch. Alt:The man I will probably spend the rest of my life wishing had won the Presidency.  Antonym: politician

Knox, Henry: Proper Name. First Secretary At War then later first Secretary Of War, United States. Six and a half feet and 300 pounds of artillery fixation. Alt: The man who would sit on Trumperdink’s defense nominations until they suffocated while quoting Vegatius and Marshal Von Saxe.




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